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The Daily Druid Workshop on Practical Druidry
Ancient Stone circles such as this one in County Cork, Ireland mark the veral and autmnal equinoxes and often the yearly sun cycles, Tools of the Druids, these circles can be found all over Ireland, England and Wales.
In this time of crumbling economies, religions, politics, climate change, and apparent Earth upheaval, the wisdom of Druidry is sorely needed. The Daily Druid Workshop by Carol Calvert explores the timeless tradition of the Druid teachings. The ancient wisdom of these teachings can help one live each day in harmony with the natural world, and with all life, both seen and unseen.

Druidry is a spiritual path without dogma, which encompasses many belief systems, including both monotheism and polytheism. As a spiritual path, the fundamental belief that Druids share is that life is a spiritual journey traveled by all life forms. The basic philosophy of Druidism is one of love and respect for all life, human, animal and plant. The practical application of this philosophy to everyday living is the basis of The Daily Druid Workshop.

Through this journey, the novice learns to listen to and understand nature, revealing the wisdom of natural law. This understanding leads to finding one's true place within the context of all life, bringing balance and harmony.

Carol Calvert is a Priest with the Church of Antioch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a Practicing Druid, having studied for many years with The Order of Ovates, Bards and Druids out of London, England.

Carol is also a singer/harper and composer, and has recently published a Celtic spiritual adventure novel entitled Beitha’s Sound, available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.

The Daily Druid Workshop Curriculum
The Daily Druid Workshop familiarizes the student with the laws of nature and methods of living in harmony with natural laws, as well as the use of various spiritual tools. This includes:

The power of nature and the forces of the elements
Living seasonally, and in harmony with the environment

Tools for Divination and Centering:
• Scrying (gazing into a reflective surface such as water)
• The augury, (a form of divination based on observation of the natural world)
• Cards or Runes
• Making and using a wand
• Connecting with your personal creativity for healing!

Learning the Wisdom of:
• Plants (herbal wisdom and healing)
• Animal guides…(discovering your own animal guide/guides)

Course books:
Beitha’s Sound
The Daily Druid

Course Fee: $50.00

A Daily Druid Workshop Testimonials
The Druid Workshop was absolutely wonderful -- both active and interactive. Carol's combination of illuminating information and musical presentation of voice and harp made the day educational and downright fun! The most important aspect of this workshop however, was Carol's wonderful personality -- her way of making people laugh, remembering each person's name, and making everyone feel so comfortable that they felt free to ask questions and dialogue with her. Many of the attendees are still commenting about it weeks later and hoping Carol will make a return trip soon!
~Auri Anna, Grants Pass, Oregon

We were honored to have had Carol Calvert present her very interesting Druid workshop at Aquarius Books & Gifts. Carol brings the light of integrity to bear on her wealth of experiences, her sparkling personality and witty humor had everyone's attention, the workshop could have gone on all night. As seekers of truth we were captivated with her stories, while being entertained with live Celtic harps playing in the background. What a workshop!

On a personal note I found Carol to be very professional, and down to earth at the same time. Over the years I have attended many workshops, lectures and events, and while many of the presenters were well versed in their fields, heart felt humility was rarely present, not so with Carol.
Now there's an example for us all.

Thank you Carol, we will be looking forward to your next visit to Southern Oregon.

Many Blessings,
Fred Jenning Rogers, Aquarius Books & Gifts, Grants Pass, Oregon

Beitha's Sound: A Spiritual Adventure
Truly a spiritual empowerment primer for young girls and girls of all ages, Beitha’s Sound begins in Gaul (now France) in the 5th century A.D. The Roman Empire has fallen and numerous barbarian tribes vie for control of the land. The spread of Christianity is also well underway in Europe and in Ireland as well with the arrival of Patrick or Padraig. Though many of the Christians are good and loving people, there are those who only seek money, power, and control. The Zealots are determined to stamp out Druidry and anything connected with the power of the Goddess. None, especially women, are safe if their mission is successful. The wise women know that the power to stop these murderers lies with a young girl name Beitha, and her Anam Cara (soul friend) Jenny.
Beitha's Sound, a Celtic Spirituality adventure story for girls and women of all ages, and pictured is author, Rev. Mother Carol Calvert of Santa Fe, NM who now offers workshops in practical Druidry for everyday living.
Aided by animal guides, fairies, and illumined beings, they undertake a physical and spiritual journey that will forever change them and everyone they meet.

Waiting for the Sequel: A Review of Beitha's Sound
What will happen next? How will Beitha continue to learn and grow? I am hoping a sequel will be published soon! Beitha's Sound was written for young people, yet is an exciting and informative read for adults as well. Mother Calvert combines history and adventure with the emotions of a young girl. This is a well-written and haunting book. Months after reading it, I continue to think about it, and I dream about it. Beitha is in my heart!

This is a must-read for all women, for young girls, and for anyone who is open to learning more about Druid beliefs, the dark side of Christianity, and some of the things that happened "in the name of Christ."
~ Linda Rounds Nichols

About Carol Calvert
Carol Calvert is an Ordained Priest with the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a member of the Order of Ovates, Bards, and Druids based in London, England. She conducts a Celtic Mass and performs as a Singer and harpist in the church and in the community. In addition she has produced a recording of Latin chants with harp entitled Sanctum. Carol's passion for Celtic spirituality inspired her to write Beitha's Sound.

Ms. Calvert is currently working on the much-anticipated sequel to Beitha's Sound.

The Daily Druid Workshop
Rev. Mother Carol Calvert
Santa Fe, NM
(505) 992-8097
Cell: (505) 913-0523

Purchase Beitha's Sound:
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

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